Your responsibilities

Before moving out, you’ll need to clear the property. Please make sure you take all your things away – even carpets, curtains and any other household items.

If anything is left for us to clear, you will be charged.

The items listed below are re-chargeable. This means City West will charge you if we need to complete any work relating to the items when you have left your property. We have also included a list of our current charges to complete this work.

  • Provide and lay vinyl flooring: £23.37
  • Electric fire suite: £595.32
  • Remove laminate flooring in all rooms: £29.04
  • Renew external door: £236.19
  • Renew plywood on internal door(s): £90.22
  • Door frame: 400m £28.02
  • Remove wall fixtures/fittings in all rooms: £29.04
  • Clear vacant property: £205.70•Clear rubbish from garage or site: £78.65
  • New kitchen, through damage: £3,483.00
  • New bathroom through damage: £2,266.00
  • New heating system through damage or theft: £3,350.00