'You Said, We Did' - 2016/17

Customer survey feedback is used to identify areas where services can be improved. We communicate this process to customers in the form of 'You Said, We Did' examples. Below are the examples of service improvements made in response to service improvements throughout the 2016/17 financial year. Other examples can be found through the "Learning from Complaints" link to the right.

Responsive Repairs

You Said: "More methods of communication would make it easier to report repairs."
We Did: We have introduced web chat service and Service Centre advisors can now communicate with customers via text message.

You Said: "I had to call you up to chase the removal of debris from my garden following repair work."
We Did: Operative’s now use portable devices to inform the office of debris that needs to be removed by the end of the day to make sure it is collected.

You Said: "You had to rearrange my repairs because you didn’t have the materials in stock."
We Did: We have introduced reminders one week before the appointment to ensure materials are in stock and operatives have been assigned to do the work.

Gas Servicing & Repairs

You Said: "The appointment slots are too long. I would prefer a shorter time slot than all morning or all afternoon."
We Did: We have improved our appointment system to offer shorter (2½ hour) appointment slots.

You Said: "I had to wait too long for new parts to be delivered for the work to be carried out."
We Did: The contractor is now able to deliver parts directly to the property where the work is needed, so work can be carried out immediately.

Anti-social Behaviour

You Said: "More could be done to help resolve low-level neighbor disputes."
We Did: We are making greater use of ‘Good Neighbour Agreements’ so that both parties involved can meet and agree how they will change their behavior to resolve the issues.

You Said: "I find it difficult to get hold of the ASB officer assigned to my case."
We Did: We have assigned each ASB officer a ‘buddy’ who can help with queries about their cases when they are not available.

Income Management

You Said: "I didn’t know that my housing benefit had been suspended until I started getting into arrears."
We Did: We now automatically send out text messages and letters when we learn that your housing benefit has been suspended to let you know so you can contact them to restart your claim.