'You Said, We Did'

Customer survey feedback is used to identify areas where services can be improved.

We communicate this process to customers in the form of 'You Said, We Did' examples. Below are the latest examples of service improvements made in response to service improvements; previous examples can be find through the "Previous "You Said, We Did" examples" link to the right.

You said, we did Q3 2016/7

You Said: I find it difficult to get hold of the ASB officer assigned to my case
We Did: We have assigned each ASB officer a ‘buddy’ who can help with queries about their cases when they are not available.

You Said: I didn’t know that my housing benefit had been suspended until I started getting into arrears
We Did: We now automatically send out text messages and letters when we learn that your housing benefit has been suspended to let you know so you can contact them to restart your claim.

Responsive Repairs
You Said: When the communal lighting in my block breaks, it takes too long to get it repaired by the contractor who fitted it.
We Did: We now have a stock of the materials that the original contractor used so we can repairs these lights without waiting for them to provide parts