Repairs that are your responsibility

Some repairs to your home are your responsibility. If a repair is your responsibility we will tell you when you contact us and inform you of the cost if you would like us to complete any work for you. For these jobs to be undertaken, a payment will be required in advance.


  • Tiling
  • Fixtures and fittings
  • Kitchen units
  • Removal of mould from walls and ceilings


  • Minor tasks, including replacing toilet seats
  • Repairs to your own equipment, such as washing machines
  • Work arising as a result of faulty workmanship carried out by any tradesman you employed
  • Replacing sealant around baths and sinks
  • Providing plugs to sinks and baths
  • Keep external grids and gullies clear from leaves and general surface debris
  • Bath panels


  • Replacing internal locks, door handles, cupboard catches and hinges
  • Replacing drawer handles
  • Work resulting from the loss of house keys
  • Replacing hat and coat hooks
  • Putting up curtain rail battens
  • Refitting doors after carpet laying
  • Repairs to gates and fencing
  • Releasing windows that are stuck after internal painting
  • Plastering and minor plaster cracks
  • Internal doors and door frames
  • Skirting boards
  • Boxing in


  • Replacing fuses (except for those maintained by electrical suppliers i.e. main fuse)
  • Providing electrical plugs
  • Replacing light bulbs (unless they are in a communal area)
  • Some customers may not be able to carry out these repairs (such as people with disabilities). In this case, please contact us – we may be able to help


  • Gates
  • Paving or flagging apart from the main path and paving immediately adjacent to the property
  • Fencing (unless the property is close to a canal, river or railway)Tiling

Home Insurance

Customers are responsible for insuring the contents of their home. We can help you with insurance. To find out more about our scheme call us on 0300 123 55 22 or download an application pack.