Customer Engagement and Involvement Strategy, 2016 – 2019

Our key aim is that by 2019 we will have an approach to customer involvement that is intelligence led requiring less resource and direct intervention but which will support the improvement of services and enable our communities to be more resilient and self reliant.


  • Redefine the methods of engagement and involvement for customers to ensure they are fit for purpose and provide value for money.
  • Provide a wide range of channels and methods to ensure that customer involvement does not give preference to particular groups and supports the “intelligence led” aspiration.
  • Extend the representation of customer involvement groups and structures so they are more reflective of the diverse communities where we operate.
  • Enable communities to lead activity around customer involvement to promote resilience and self reliance as key features of vibrant communities.
  • Demonstrate return on investment and the achievement of outcomes in relation to involvement activity, which can be clearly measured and quantified.
  • Ensure regulatory compliance in relation to consumer standards, scrutiny and consultation.

The following impact measures will be used to assess the impact of this Strategy:

  • % of all customers who feel their views are listened to and acted upon.
  • % increase of engagement levels to bring in line with our community demographics.
  • % of customer involvement activities that demonstrate a positive return on investment.
  • % of involved customers who feel they have impacted service delivery. �