Asset Management Strategy, 2016 – 2019

The overarching aim of this Strategy is to create vibrant communities through planned investment and services. We will achieve this through intelligence based investment in our homes and communities and by maximising available resources. This will involve working towards the following priority objectives in both the delivery of our core services and our partnership working.

  • Create local employment opportunities within our investment programmes.
  • Deliver affordable warmth and home security improvements to support the health and wellbeing of customers.
  • Deliver attractive, well designed and maintained open spaces.
  • Reduce the household running costs of our customers.
  • Understand the performance and return on our assets to inform stock rationalisation and investment decisions.
  • Strengthen our Business Plan by increasing the value of our assets, securing the return of future income and minimising turnover.
  • Reduce our asset management costs.
  • Maintain homes in good repair to sustain compliance with the Decent Homes Standard and associated higher local standards.
  • Adapt homes to meet the current and future needs of customers with disabilities.
  • Adopt suitable innovative and technological solutions to raise standards in property condition.
  • Maximise commercial consultancy opportunities.
  • Progress strategic acquisitions compatible with corporate priorities.