Standards for your new home

Our aim is to provide a home that is in good condition, safe and clean.

We expect you to look after your home and keep it clean and well maintained. When you accept one of our homes a member of our team will take you around the property and explain the standards we expect.

We have set standards to ensure new homes are:


  • The garden is tidy with any grass cut
  • The property is clear and clean


  • There are no visible leaks
  • Doors and windows are watertight


  • Gas and/or electric supplies are tested as safe
  • Property alterations have been inspected and approved
  • There is no visible mould or damp


  • External doors are reinforced, with high standard locks


  • The kitchen has space for essential appliances such as the cooker and fridge
  • The number of kitchen units is suitable for the size of the property
  • There is an electricity and where possible a gas supply for the cooker

Non-essential repairs are completed within 21 calendar days of the tenancy start date. This enables customers to move in as soon as possible to meet their housing need.