Service Standards Performance Summary

Performance for 92 Service Standards is reported for January to March, Quarter 4 2016/17. Of these 90 (98%) were met. Two standards (2%) for Anti Social Behaviour were not met regarding being kept informed and closing the case due to reduced performance in customer satisfaction from recent survey results.

Full details of the new service standards applicable from the 1st April 2017 can be found by clicking on service standards in the useful links box During the same period 117 customer inspections were carried out. These inspections were across caretaking and cleaning,customer care and grounds maintenance. 100 per cent of the inspections met the agreed Standards.

In total during 2016/17, three service standards have not passed. One neighbourhood standard in quarter 2 did not pass and two ASB standards in quarter 4 did not pass. Each of these standards have only not passed in one quarter.