Repair categories

We sort home repairs into five categories. These are:

Emergency Repairs

These are repairs that, if left undone, would be a danger to residents or the public, or could cause damage to the property – such as gas leaks, hazardous electrical faults and major water leaks. Sometimes, we may not be able to completely fix the problem, but we will always make it safe within 24 hours.

Urgent Repairs

These tackle issues that can cause disruption in a home – they might affect your health, safety or security, so repairs need to be done quickly and easily.Examples of this type of repair could be unsafe power or electrical fittings, part loss of electric power or gas supply, unsecured external door or a blocked wash hand basin or bath.

Routine Repairs

These are fairly routine repairs that, if left for a long period of time, could get worse and may cause further damage to the property or become a hazard.Examples include loose wash hand basins or taps, faulty guttering, minor plumbing repairs or internal joinery works.

Planned Repairs

These repairs present no immediate threat to personal safety or the structure of the home, like the replacement of a worn out fixture or fitting.

Batched Works

These are the repair and replacement of items that usually require pre-inspection, ordering and manufacture.It can mean larger quantities of repairs such as extensive plastering that would not be completed in the above repair timescales. If a repair cannot be completed, City West will inform you of the revised timescale for completion of the work.