Programmed works and major improvements

If your home has been identified as requiring improvement works we will write to you telling you what work is required, and let you know which of our Contractors will carry out the work. We will provide you with a factsheet specific to the works due at your home.

What we’ll do and when we’ll do it

  • If we need to visit your home to plan or deliver work we will agree a convenient time with you
  • We will tell you what work is planned and when the work will start
  • We will ask whether you have any support needs and take this into account when carrying out work to your home
  • We will give you a named contact during the works to provide information, assistance or support to you
  • We will carry out the work within a timescale agreed with you and will consult you on any delays which may occur
  • We will consider your needs and your preferences when designing the improvements to your home
  • We will ensure you understand how to operate any equipment that is fitted