Saving water top tips

Posted: 12/05/2017

In just one day a dripping tap can waste enough water to fill a bath.

Whether you want to save water and help the environment or reduce your water meter charges, here are some great water saving tips.

  • Having a shower instead of a bath saves litres of water.
  • Reducing your shower time to around five minutes a day can save litres of water and £190 a year on bills.
  • Reuse water from steaming or cooking for soup bases.
  • Soak dishes and pans instead of running the tap whilst you scrub them.
  • Don’t use running water to defrost food.
  • Keep some tap water in the fridge instead of running the tap until it becomes cold.
  • Wash your fruit and veg in a small bowl of water instead of under a running tap and recycle any water to water plants.
  • Switch off the tap whilst brushing your teeth or shaving.
  • Set a kitchen timer when washing the car, watering your garden, showering or brushing your teeth.
  • Use a nozzle spray on hosepipes that can switch on/off.
  • Get a water butt for your garden to collect rain water.

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