Put the brakes on

Posted: 04/07/2018

Complaints about illegal and inconsiderate riders putting people in fear and spoiling enjoyment of local beauty spots seem to be on the rise.

It’s time to #putthebrakeson!

If you have any information about illegal or nuisance motorbikes, quad bikes or scrambler bikes on or off road, please don’t hesitate to report it.

We’re asking everyone to use Salford City Council’s anti-social behaviour reporting form – even if you have already contacted someone about this – so they can build up a better picture of where and when the problem is happening.

Capturing all the information at one central point will enable the council and police to work together to take action.

Last year, thanks to public reports, CCTV footage and support from City West, the police confiscated and destroyed 24 illegal bikes in Little Hulton. Tenants were warned that storing such bikes breached their tenancy agreements.

Please use the form and encourage family and friends to do the same https://contactus.salford.gov.uk/?formtype=ANTISB

The more information we have the more we can do.