Partnership working has a bright future at the Valley Community Gardens

Posted: 13/10/2016

The scheme ran for two weeks and saw a team of 16 young people helping the Valley Community Garden group to maintain and enhance their green spaces.

Volunteers from local community groups also spoke to the young people about the benefits of working and volunteering in the community.

The young people raised their own funds to complete the works, asking friends and family to sponsor them to give up their mobile phones from the day. All but one of the participants graduated from the programme and gained a personal development award from Teresa May.

Anne and William Pickney, who lead the community garden, wanted to brighten it up and establish the garden as a safe and welcoming area for all the community.

Group leader Sophie explained: “Anne and William’s dream was to add colour to the garden but felt they weren't creative enough to do so. That is where Team 1 stepped in.”

“We renovated the garden, weeded and moved all the lawn,” she said. “We also painted various areas of the garden, including the shed, tires and plant pots, and painted childhood games onto the flags.”

“Finally on the Friday of week two we planted plants and invited members of the community and the young people families to an open day of the garden and served drinks and snacks to those who came to visit. The social action was a massive success. Well done Team 1!”

We will be seeing Salford Foundation return to the Valley Community Garden at the end of October and beginning of November to work in the garden again. We are currently working with Salford Foundation to try and secure NCS placements at the Valley throughout next year.