Join the new Salford Community Voice Group now!

Posted: 11/01/2019

Salford Community Voice is a newly created tenant involvement group which is being formed to monitor, challenge and influence service improvements on behalf of City West tenants.

Salford Community Voice will be chaired by a tenant Board member, which allows clear and direct links to the organisations governance structure.

We are looking for members who are passionate about making a difference, and assisting City West in providing the best possible services to tenants through:

· Oversight of day to day service delivery and working alongside City West to improve services.

· Reviewing performance management information to identify areas for improvement

· Providing local knowledge and experience to influence the priorities for City West to improve the lives of tenants in Salford

· Making recommendations to City West on matters in relation to Salford which Salford Community Voice believes warrants attention

· Monitoring action plans developed in order to improve service areas, identified by City West tenant Scrutiny

· Directly influencing community initiatives through the management of a Salford Community Voice Fund

If you feel you have the passion and drive and want to make a real difference that improves the lives of tenants please complete the “Getting Involved Questionnaire” and email it to

Join the new Salford Community Voice Group now!
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