Hate Crime Awareness Week – 4 to 10th February

Posted: 01/02/2019

City West is supporting Greater Manchester’s Hate Crime Awareness Week which takes places 4th to 10th February 2019.

Hate crime has no place in Greater Manchester. Everyone has the right to feel safe and we all have a responsibility to stand against hatred and discrimination.

Hate crime is heavily under-reported. So we want to promote where and how reports can be made to support victims to feel more confident to report hate crime incidents and to challenge hate crime in communities.

What is hate crime?

In England and Wales, hate crimes are any crimes that are targeted because of hostility or prejudice in relation to:

  • Disability
  • Race
  • Religion or belief
  • Sexual orientation
  • Trans
  • Alternative subculture

Read more about types of hate crime on the Greater Manchester Police website.

Reporting hate crime:

This can be done via:

City West is a hate crime reporting centre. You can report hate crime via City West follows:

· MyAccount + mobile app

· Our 24hr telephone line: 0300 123 55 22

· In person at any of our area offices