Community Cuppa Launches to Support Anti-Hate Crime Campaign

Posted: 14/02/2017

To support anti-hate crime campaigning, the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner has allocated funding of £10,000 to each of the ten Greater Manchester authorities.

The Communities and Neighbourhoods team at City West Housing Trust has worked in partnership with local partners, to secure some of this funding to deliver an Anti-Hate Crime campaign in our local communities.

The key aims of the campaign are to:

* Raise awareness of hate crime and its impact on individuals and communities.

* Promote reporting centres and support services.

* Celebrate diversity and promote community cohesion.

As part of the activity, we are working in partnership with the Castle Community Association, Unique Improvements and Greater Manchester Police to develop a bi-weekly 'community cuppa’ morning throughout February to May. The sessions will raise awareness of hate crime with a focus on LGBT, although all aspects of hate crime will be discussed over the course of the project. The group will work with an artist to create a mural around hate crime which will be displayed at the upcoming Neighbourhood Day event, organised by City West along with partners, on Saturday 27 May at the Castle Community Centre, Eccles.

During the campaign and throughout the project we will have a number of guest speakers who have been invited to speak to the new group. We will also be promoting ways to report hate crime and develop support networks for customers.

Community Cuppa will start on Monday 13th February 2017 at the Castle Community Centre, Lewis Street, Barton, Eccles. The sessions are open to all Salford residents.

If you are interested in attending the community cuppa sessions and taking part in any workshops please contact Steph Williams, Community Development Officer –