Service charges frequently asked questions

My Tenancy Agreement does not mention a service charge?

Your Tenancy Agreement provides for the collection of rent and other charges associated with your home. Many customers already pay service charges for heating or maintenance and servicing of communal facilities.

When do the service charges begin?

Service charges begin at the start of your tenancy. A service charge may be introduced following a review of your property and we will advise you if you will be charged for services you are receiving.

How do you work out what my service charge is?

Charges are calculated using a formula based on the cost of the service and the number of properties that receive the service. The charge may be adjusted to take the size of your property into account and the service/s you receive.

Why is my neighbour paying less/more than me?

There are two possible reasons for this. Your neighbour may: 1. Be a leaseholder, not a tenant, and may be paying for additional services
2. Live in a property with more/less bedrooms than yours. The basis of the service is charged at a flat rate, but property size can affect the charge Tenants only pay for the services they receive. Our charges have been designed to reflect the true cost of the service in a fair and transparent way.

I do not believe I receive a good service for the amount I am paying. What should I do?

If you think your service is not up to standard, you can use our complaints process. This will ensure that the problem is thoroughly investigated and dealt with.You can follow this link to make a complaint.