Leaseholder charges - FAQs

What is a service charge?

Service Charges are payable by all our customers to cover the costs of any services provided by us, as the landlord / freeholder, to the property / block, to keep it in a good condition. Leaseholders will pay for items such as; buildings insurance, communal gardening, communal lighting, repairs and maintenance etc.

N.B. our rented customers do not pay for repairs and maintenance through the service charge.

Why am I being charged a service charge?

Service charges are implemented because City West provides services to a property / block. Your lease agreement will confirm which charges we are able to recover from you as a service charge.

When do I need to pay the service charge?

Service charges are payable from the 1st April each year, and leaseholders are usually given 28 days to make the payment. Most of our leaseholders will pay by monthly direct debit and this can be paid over 10 or 12 monthly instalments (if 10 payments then this is paid from April to January).

We now send the estimate charges information out by the end of February each year to allow 30 days notice for these charges to be added to the service charge account. This also allows time for any disputes to be raised and resolved prior to the charges going onto QL.

How do I pay my service charge?

Service Charges can be paid in full or in instalments, and payments can be made by cheque, BACs, direct debit etc.

How do you calculate my service charge?

Leaseholders who are part of a block are charged a proportion of the overall costs to the block e.g. if 1 leaseholder in a block of 4 properties, they’ll be charged ¼ of the costs for the block.

Buildings Insurance is charged at the actual annual cost per property and leaseholders are on a separate insurance policy to the rest of our stock.

I’m being charged for a service I don’t think I get, how do I check this?

Please send enquiries like this through to

These will be investigated by the property management team and you will receive details once the investigation has been completed and confirmation should any changes need to be made.

I’m being charged for buildings insurance but I have my own policy, what do I do?

Under the terms of the lease agreement, we as the freeholder are responsible for insuring the building, however there is a clause within the lease that states this charge will be payable by the leaseholder or shared owner. Therefore it is best that you cancel any buildings insurance policy you have of your own.

Shared Ownership properties will no longer receive buildings insurance cover from us once they own 100% of the property.

How do I make a claim on the buildings insurance?

You can contact the property management team on if you need to make a claim and we will provide you with the relevant details.

Can you arrange contents insurance for me?

Unfortunately we are unable to provide contents insurance for leaseholders and shared ownership properties.

Can the services I pay for (within my service charge) change?

The service leaseholders pay for may change however this will only be if services to the property / block change.