City West Beats

City West Beats is the name given to the partnership between City West and the North West Ambulance Service to train personnel as a First Responder to respond to life threatening cardiac arrests and to provide access to defribrilators in the areas City West work in across Salford.

Kits are placed in each of City West’s offices and on the repairs vans of our partner ForWorks. If a person has a cardiac arrest they lose consciousness at once and there are no signs of life. Defibrillators give an electric shock through the chest wall and helps to restore a normal heartbeat.

Who is it for?

Members of City West staff have volunteered for this training and they are there to respond to emergencies that arise in the West Salford area. They’ll help victims in the most extreme emergency, including cardiac arrest and other life threatening medical emergencies.

Who is it run by?

The North West Ambulance Service with City West jointly co-ordinate the response of staff to emergencies and when City West members attend an emergency they are acting on behalf of the ambulance service as a First Responder.

Who is trained to use a defibrilator?

Current Protocols dictate that anybody can use an automated external defibrillator without prior training. However, all City West staff responders have undergone training in the safe use of these machines and procedures related to them. Trained staff will be identified by the ‘trained personnel’ badge.