Dig for Dinner

Dig for Dinner is a competition that gets young children to think creatively about what they eat by growing their own food.

A partnership between Cleavleys Allotment Association, Westwood Primary School in Eccles and City West, the project sees children from the school spend eight weeks learning how to grow their own food at home.

The competition was first run in July 2014, with City West donating grow bags and Cleavleys growing seedlings for various plants and vegetables.

Trish Kiernan, Learning Mentor at the school, said: "I am so proud of the children and families who are really enjoying the project. We have continued a gardening club through the school year to build on this fantastic start."

The children’s entries were judged by volunteers from homeless charity Salford Loaves and Fishes, with seven-year-old Oliver Godula being crowned the competition winner for the fantastic variety and quality of the food he produced.

As a prize for winning the competition, Oliver is now the proud owner of his own raised garden bed – made by the Skills Centre at ForWorks – to help him continue growing vegetables at home with his family.

After the competition finished, City West also donated three garden beds to the school to allow children to continue learning about how to grow food at school.