Amblecote Gardens

The Amblecote Gardens extra care scheme is in the heart of the Little Hulton community in Salford and is changing the way that health and housing services are delivered to vulnerable people, offering flexible care, with 24-hour support from social care and health teams.

It’s also integrated into the surrounding neighbourhood, building better relationships between residents, local care and wellbeing services and the wider community.

88-year-old Joyce Hayes moved into Amblecote Gardens in September 2014. This is her story…

Joyce’s husband passed away in 2014, sparking an acceleration of her Alzheimer’s disease and making caring for Joyce increasingly difficult for her family.

Since her move to Amblecote Gardens Joyce’s family say that they have seen a staggering improvement in her condition.

Joyce’s granddaughter Sam Clarke said: “To see the progress she’s made has been amazing. The fact that she is much calmer and happier is playing a massive part in helping her deal with the Alzheimer's.

“The biggest breakthrough came a few months back. She had always been a fan of knitting and made her own clothes but the disease put a stop to that. She would get very frustrated and gave up completely a few years ago. One day we walked in to find her knitting a new scarf. We were over the moon.”

“She has made some new friends and loves the staff – she’s always singing their praises. When she is with us she can’t wait to get home to her apartment!”

It’s not only Joyce that has enjoyed a change of lifestyle over the past six months. Her family say that knowing she is in safe hands is having a big impact on them too.

“The fact that there are people there to care for her around the clock means everything,” says Sam.