acorn customer involvement

At the centre of City West

If you are passionate about improving City West’s services and are able to devote your time to attend regular meetings there are a number of opportunities to get involved at the centre of City West. Training and mentoring is available if you choose to be involved in this way.

  • Become a Board Member - Monitor performance and define City West strategy at the highest level of customer involvement.
  • Customer Scrutiny Inspectorate - Scrutinise services on behalf of all our customers.
  • Join our Customer Congress - Monitor and challenge the performance of services.
  • Customer Inspectors - Be a mystery shopper and carry out inspections on a monthly basis.

One off activities

Be involved without the long term commitment by attending one off events or meetings to share your views.

  • Come to our customer events to share views and meet staff in a relaxed environment, planned by Involved Customers.
  • Take part in a focus group or consultation event where your views will be used to help us make decisions on particular issues.

From home

You don’t have to come to a meeting to be involved. Without leaving your home you can play an important part in influencing services. These involvement activities do not require much of your time

  • Take part in a survey - Surveys give us lots of information about our services and what we should focus on to make improvements
  • Social media, such as Facebook and Twitter, is a good way to share your views or provide feedback to us.
  • Give feedback as a suggestion, compliment or complaint - Tell us what you think about our services
  • Join our Readers Panel - Check that information we want to give out to customers is easy to read and understand.

Regular activities

  • Join a Service Excellence Group - Help us to research and discuss best practice for the services we deliver and develop ideas for achieving excellence.
  • Join a special interest group - Discuss topics related to specific needs such as disabilities, sheltered housing and youth services. These groups promote fairness and equality for all.
  • Join the Complaints Review Panel - The panel looks at how we have dealt with a customer complaint.

In your neighbourhood

Influence the neighbourhood within which you live and play a key part in improving your community. There are a range of different ways for you be involved which require different levels of time commitment.

  • Become a Neighbourhood Champion and bring your ideas to life by leading a local community project.
  • Take part in community projects already being delivered by other customers and City West - often with other partners and community groups.
  • Join or start a Tenants and Residents Association (TRA) - TRA’s are independent organisations run by volunteers which operate within a defined area. We can help you to find a TRA near you or start your own.
  • Join a working group of staff and customers to discuss, approve and monitor local services.

If you would like to Get Involved please contact us at and our Involvement and Engagement Coordinator will discuss involvement options that suit you.