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Your home

Tenant hugging a City West workerBlow the whistle on housing cheats

We have around 14,600 properties throughout West Salford, and are currenlty building new homes for rent and shared ownership.

You can search for a home or a home more suitable to your needs, request a repair, pay your rent and other charges and let us know what you think of our services or report ASB online. You can also find out how we're making homes energy efficient (& what you can do to save energy) as well as find out what home improvements are planned in your area and how you can help us improve where you live.

For advice or help contact us directly about your home, or a home you’re interested in.

Blow the whistle on housing cheats

Do you suspect someone is renting their City West home out to someone? Most people applying for housing wait their turn to be allocated a home. Housing cheats don’t wait, they jump the queue. Speak out- it’s not fair. Contact 0300 123 5522 we will investigate your concerns and the necessary action will be taken.

We're taking part in the Government's National Fraud Initiative, to assist in the prevention and detection of subletting in Salford. To achieve this, we're required to provide personal data (such as your date of birth) that we hold to the Audit Commission, so that this can be matched up with information held by other organisations, such as the police. This will help us all by stopping fraud. If you have any questions please call us on 0300 123 5522 or email

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