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Welfare reform

We're committed to supporting our customers through the Government’s Welfare Reforms. Some of the main changes under the Welfare Reform Act are:

  • Housing Benefit reductions for customers of working age deemed to have a ‘spare bedroom’ -known as 'Bedroom Tax' (from April 2013)
  • Universal Credit a single monthly payment that will replace some of the benefits and tax credits people get now.
  • Increasing ‘Non Dependant Deductions’ by around 20% during 2012 and 2013.
  • Capping the total amount of welfare benefits paid to a household during 2013 (known as 'Benefits Cap').
  • Replacing Disability Living Allowance with Personal Independence Payment (PIP). All existing working age claimants will be re-assessed, many will see a drop in their entitlement or be taken off the benefit altogether.

Watch our DVD for an overview of how you may be affected.

For details about the changes that happened in April 2013 watch our Creature Comforts style DVD.

Visit our Money Advice page for benefits advice, affordable credit options and 'managing your money' factsheets.

Removal of the spare room subsidy (known as 'Bedroom Tax')

Universal Credit (UC)

Non-Dependant Deductions

Benefit Cap

Personal Independence Payments (PIP)

Tax Credits

Council Tax Benefits


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